A Halloween of Sorts

Monday, November 2, 2015

What do me and Captain America have in common? Penicillin makes us heroes. Or kicks me in the butt for the whole time I'm taking them. Either way I tried to enjoy my Halloween a little bit for my husband's sake. He is such a Halloween lover.

I had taken a vacation day weeks ago to prepare for our Friday night with a massage. Instead, I spent the day taking 2 naps and saving my energy for our Halloween Bash.

 It was so fun to have a bash to go to. The food was fairly good and the dancing was great. Can't say much for the pitchers of Sangria on the table. If you have never seen me pout, Friday night I was very close being teased by that Sangria.


Saturday I slept in and then binge watched Chasing Life. Serious tear jerking moments as I caught my husband up on nothing he wanted to know about. Rushed out for some last minute candy and mascara, because why not? One knock on the door for 3 teenagers in the meager effort of a costume as a gym teacher and a Halloween themed shirt. Those were the only trick or treaters we saw. Ordered Italian in. I downed a meatball sub, the first time I've had an appetite for a week and it was heaven. Serious in love with my food moment.

I'm out and can smile!
Sunday I woke up with much more energy and set out to clean up this place. You never want to see a house when the wife has been sick for over a week. I even got started on my novel! That's right as if I do not have enough hobbies, I have started a fictional novel. It came to me while on antibiotics so we will see once I'm off of them ;)

My three day weekend went way too fast but seems to be what exactly I needed as I am feeling like I am on the mend. How as your weekend?


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