Much Relaxed Weekend

Monday, August 25, 2014

All I want to do is relive this weekend all week and next weekend. I spent a full two days with my husband which is exactly what we needed. With my work schedule we haven't been able to spend a full 24 hours together just us since probably our first anniversary trip.

Saturday we started off with a nice brunch. I ordered a fancy cappuccino. Because, why not? I'll take another and another.

We then made a stop at Homegoods. Brian's first trip and let's just say, he was hooked. Had a cart full of curtains after I lost him for 5 minutes.

So. Happy.

I would also like to say, matching pillows, curtains, couches, etc. is hard. Now I know why people hire people for this stuff. We loaded and unloaded this cart a minimum of 10 times. 

Only one of these made it home with us.

Next stop was Princeton. An afternoon coffee and snack at Starbucks. Where I was sad that they held out their Pumpkin Spice Latte on me. Then, we grabbed a few drinks, really talked. And ended with a nice dinner.

This Mint Sangria, not a fan.

Our Sunday was really low key and relaxed. And it was the absolute best. Husband even made me a nice breakfast. It will definitely be a repeat.
A Monte Cristo
I was hoping for a trip to Thrift Store, but apparently they aren't open on Sundays. My thrifting will have to wait. I am actually very excited for that future trip. I soothed it over with some frozen yogurt though. So it made up for it.

Let's take a repeat on this weekend, shall we?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Home goods is my weakness! I love that store!

  2. So much fun figuring out how to decorate a new place! I need to hire you to come decorate my nursery. :)

  3. Mine too! I always come home with some sort of find. And my husband never understood, until this weekend. He filled up the cart faster than me!

  4. I should have mentioned, I took back the pillows we bought because I didn't like them and we still have no curtains. I would not place your bets on me. So excited for the BABY BOY!!

  5. What a fun shopping trip! Thrifting is my absolute fave. Hope you found something perfect when all was said and done!


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