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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

In my cleaning frenzy this past weekend, I found an assignment from my 8th grade graduation. I was required to write down what I believed at 15 years old.

These beliefs still stand with me today and tell me just how wise I was.

I believe that I have my own sense of individuality.

Truth. I am very independent and do things because I want to do them. Felt that way then, feel that way now. I also always felt as if I was different from other people. (The awkward 15 year old years) Turns out, I'm just an introvert who likes her me time and can get a little crazy when in crowded situations. It's all good, people.

I believe that through the good and bad, my family will always be there.

When my mom died, my family was the saving grace. My cousin and aunt stayed with us that night just to make sure we were ok. And that aunt stayed the whole week to make sure we had food and everything. Family came in and out the next few weeks to see how they could help a 22 and 25 year old deal with losing their mom alone. My uncle did and still is doing so much in regards to my mom's estate and making sure my mom's estate is settled. AS I have moved away, I tend to keep in touch with some a little less but know that they are there.

My high school ladies

I believe that friends diversify as I grow. 

This is especially true in the last few years of my life. We have gone to school, gotten married, had babies, bought houses, and moved away. Most of us live so far apart it's hard to connect on a regular basis. The best thing though is our friendship is still there, it just has changed. As we all grow, we change. Our friendships have to change to accept each others growth and change.

I believe that God will help me overcome the struggles in my life.

He has and He will continue to do so. There were times I questioned his intentions when He took my mom from me to join Him in Heaven. But I had to believe in His ultimate purpose for this and saw how he helped me get through it. Through my friends, sorority sisters, family and of course, Brian, I was able to heal by being surrounded by such love.

I believe I can succeed in whatever I shall do.

First, I used the word shall. That's sophisticated. 8th grade Krista, thank you. I needed to hear this the past month. I've been feeling like I've been failing at what I am doing and not sure where to go. This is never where I imagined I would be with my career. I do not define it as succeeding but where I go next, I will succeed.And I need to keep believing in myself.

I believe that life will continue after death.
My mom is living it up in Heaven right now. Dancing, drinking and just smiling. She's the social butterfly. I believe there is a place in the clouds and universe where our departed ones go. God is there when he calls people back to come back to him. Those people don't age past the age of their death and there is where they are truly free. They can continue their lives without sickness or fear and live out all the great things. I saw my mom in a dream where she was going to church with my grandparents and she looked so happy. That's life after death to me.

I believe that love shapes the world to be a better place. 

As I still think this is true, we have unfortunately, seen the acts of such hate the past few years that 8th grade Krista could never imagine.  But I will never stop believing that if more people spent the time to smile at each other instead of yelling or being accepting not judging, there would be less anger and more people would spread that kindness and love.

It seems Hate has become a prominent place in our world instead of love. We need to start spreading love not hate. It shapes the world to be a better place.

Seeing how far I've come since I've wrote these yet, still am grounded by these things I believe, makes me happy. I have stayed true to what I believe everyday and still live my life by these.


  1. This is so fun! :)How neat to find that. Also, you do have impeccable handwriting there!

  2. Always love seeing how my younger self interpreted life. And I wish I could write like that now!

  3. Your 7th grade self was sooo wise! Not only because you used shall... But because of all the smart lessons you already knew! I feel like my list in 7th grade would have been significantly less profound.

  4. It was great to just see how I still believe all things in my later stages of life. Maybe I should have gone into a smarter career haha


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