My Word of 2014: Positivity

Thursday, January 16, 2014

 As the 2014 rolled in, I didn't make any resolutions. That word. Just something about it.

"A firm decision to do or not do something." 

A firm decision means you won't give up after two weeks or will really make a change in your life.And shouldn't we all make resolutions throughout the year as we grow and learn? Just my two sense.

When I saw the idea of choosing one word for 2014, I thought how much better of a fit it is. This one word you choose can have varied meanings and really can develop you as a person. 

In my true fashion, I am late to this party and waited two weeks into the new year to decide mine. I figure I still have 349 days left to really live it so it counts. 

I will be more positive in 2014 and stop using the word can't.

The past year, my job has strained me and challenged me and drained me of this beautiful word. And the truth is, I've let it. 

I've let it drag down the thoughts that I am better than that and deserve better. I've let it transfer that attitude when I come home and I can be a no good cranky pants.

I've let it make me think I can't do better and I won't do better. I lost my drive to really get out there and achieve the goals I want to achieve. 

My life thus far has taught me that you can be knocked down and get back up again. I was always about looking for the positive in things but lately, when people compliment my hair, I point out what's wrong. Instead of enjoying a night out, I just focus on the fact I have work the next day and blah blah blah instead of enjoying that moment. 

Being more positive will also benefit my new marriage. I can raise up and carry my husband on my positivity. I will always remember we will be ok no matter our situation now. And all around build a better fitting life when I am carrying around a positive attitude.

When I think about myself, I won't focus I want I can fix, instead look at what I have changed and done. Last year, I planned a wedding. It was pretty spectacular. I also got back in shape before my wedding and have been making better food choices. There is always room for improvement but that's a big feat for this former picky eater.

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