A Year in Review

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I appeared back into blogging and got myself a face lift. It was also when I did my first 7 Day Diet. Still one of my most viewed posts. Thanks Google. Gave all my new friends a little ABC about me, because those are always good to get to know people. Oh, and ended January with my very first trip to a medium. It was very powerful for me and I will be visiting again in the new year.

February is when I let the world see my sweet dance moves and reminded everyone the importance of a 30 second dance party. I "met" the best blogger, Kate from Classy Living, through my very first Cara Box. A little Club Sexy, anyone? Got a little deep and gave my reason why I love this blog and what it means to me.Also, met two other favorite bloggers this month, Emily from Newlywed Moments and Mallory at From California to Kansas

I reintroduced you to my funny side of it's called, "Because We're Getting Married." and a whole cat humor post. Yea, I went there. Did a little arts and crafts, BFF Long Distance Mug, Wedding Bathroom Baskets. I talked a little something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. And I told you why the bad days have made me thankful for the good days.

2 months until wedding! And I shared my Tea party themed bridal shower with you and the then fiance, took his turn on the blog to tell you allll about me.   I also started out Birchbox in April and was officially hooked. I did an about my cat, Lily and really upped my crazy cat lady status.

I educated you on something near and dear to my heart, Friends. As I was just a month from wedding, I was in and out and did not blog as much as I would have liked. I showed what love is through pictures of me and my love as we prepared for our wedding day. I might have never gotten back to the Bachelorette Party pictures but gave you a glimpse of my awkward side. The stomach flu knocked me down the last week of May, aka. a week until my wedding.

The biggest month of the year. Prepared myself for rain on my wedding day. Wrote my groom a letter on our wedding day and went and got myself hitched! Oh yea. While we were honeymooning Hawaii, I gave you all a glimpse into our love story.

I started the month with my hopes and dreams from 5 years from now. I finally recapped our honeymoon in Hawaii. Maybe one too many posts but it was so good. Will love looking back on that one day. Pretty big months in our lives and since I was enjoying every moment, the blog didn't see much action these 2 months. 

I gave fellow brides some advice about how things will go on your wedding day and it will be ok. Introduced you all to my sorority self. I finally started my wedding recap on Wedding Wednesdays. I also talked a little bit about being a dreamer and just how I think that leads us all to our dreams. And it was also my first attempt at a graphic.

Or Blogtember. Participated in this great series where I told you all about where I come from, what I do with my life, my social voice and other fun things. My HUSBAND celebrated his birthday with a little Princeton shenanigans and September, Lily became famous appearing on Shutterfly's Facebook.

Looking back at October, I only blogged 8 times. 8 times. I guess I took a little bit of a break. Had a lot going on with work and just wasn't in the blogging frame of mind without my blogging comfort, laptop :(. I added a little Christmas cheer and Halloween fun in there though (hint: The Walking Dead)

I got back into blogging and used to the massive Mac screen. I took on the Thankful Project to really reflect on what I was thankful for all month. It ranged from a memory, person to an annoyance or something you know. My husband participated in his first Mud Run and I gave some advice on how to handle grief during the holidays.

December was just upon us a day ago. It was the month I started my journey at the dentist. And what was it without thinking what kind of blog post I could get out of it. I talked a little bit about Paul Walker's death and  why it was affecting me. We celebrated 6 months of wedded bliss and finally shared our honeymoon video. I encouraged everyone to spread a little love instead of hate, especially this time of year. I made our very own invitation ornament and sent a special ornament display to Molly. We had our very first married Christmas, which included looking back at Christmases past. Having a holiday birthday is what ended my post shenanigans for the month.

Everything above, the time I just spent putting this post together, is why I love blogging. I just realized my whole year in posts that were my own words and own moments. And I can't wait to continue to grow this little blog. Here's to a wonderful 2014!


  1. I'm so glad we got the chance to get to know each other in 2013! What a year it's been for both of us! :) And I agree with you - we WILL meet up in 2014!

  2. I love blogging because we have records of all these sweet memories! :)

  3. It was so fun to go through all my posts throughout the year!


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