That's my girl Britney!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Britney Spears has broken the record for the biggest first-week sales tally for a song by a female solo artist!! (411,000 copies!) 

The song? Amazing. Oh you want the title? Sure.

"Hold It Against Me"

This honor was previously held by Taylor Swift with her song," Today was a Fairytale." Such a great song too. But I am so happy that Britney's song broke records. I have always loved Britney. Yes, even through the shaved head days. Everyone has a crisis now and again, hers was just splashed on everyones television. On a side note to that: So glad K. Fed was kicked to the curb. Is he still a chunky monkey?

Anywhooo, congrats to Britney Spearssss!! She hasn't stopped kicking booty since the days of "Hit me Baby One More Time" with pigtails and bangs. She even surpassed her own personal record of first week sales with "Womanizer" back in 2008, which sold 303,000 copies.

I know you are all waiting to hear the new song since it is obviously so awesome so here it is :)


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