Barbie and Ken in the 21st Century

Monday, January 31, 2011

Word on the street, or Yahoo, is that Ken wants to say goodbye to the single life after 7 years and wants Barbie back. And it has to be before Valentine's Day.

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Go ahead, poke fun at the fact that I read this article and I am now writing about Barbie and Ken , but as a public relations/social media person I am intrigued by the brillant use of social media to market the dolls now. This is what really caught my eye in the article..

Ken and Barbie fans may also have picked up on the famous exes flirting on Facebook, or noted that Ken checked in on Foursquare at the famous Magnolia Bakery in New York to get special cupcakes for his favorite girl.

Which made me say," Um, Barbie and Ken have Facebook?"

It's true, folks. They do indeed have their own pages where they interact as beings. Barbie talks to her fans and asks opinions about clothes and offers advice on her page. Pretty much like you or I would do. She also asks advice about her ex, Ken and follows 'Genuine Ken' on Hulu.

Then of course you have to check out Ken's page. Barbie is mentioned in pretty much every status update he has and goes down memory lane with Four Square. He doesn't hide how much he wants Barbie back. Very much like a lovesick guy would do on Facebook.

It then brings me to think, How awesome is this person's job? They get to 'flirt' back and forth with Ken all day and make pictures to post. They even utilize Four Square and YouTube. Without the names visible it would read as if it was a normal person tweeting and updating statuses, not a doll. What a brilliant social media campaign. They manage to make their audience feel comfortable and on the same level and then use enhance it by bringing in other social media platforms. My how times have changed.

[Insert nostalgic feelings about when you played with Barbie]

I had the cardboard Town House with string elevator. The most my Barbie had a personality that wasn't mine was when I played with my sister. Barbie wasn't even in movies back when I played with them. Just had a lot of clothes, a pool, post office and the pink convertible. All the rest was left up to your imagination.Now, Barbie has many more personalities, jobs and living the single life. Or wait, maybe not for much longer.

~One of my heroes is Barbie. She may not do anything, but she always looks great doing it~. 

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