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Friday, October 7, 2011

I am disappointed in myself. On one of my very infrequent requests to twitter the other day I noticed my statistics on the right side of the screen. I only have 250 tweets?! What?! This upsets me for various reasonsm the first is that I started my tweeting two years ago. One of the first to know what twitter was (on my small world anyways) and I have the least tweets! The second reason is my love for social media and social networks. Come one I blog and post on facebook about my blog. I have set up social media presence for a new companym serious disappointment. Therefore, I am on a mission to get to 1,000 tweets by the time Christmas comes. And I must say I have made a serious dent in the past few days. Posting useless information, my thoughts and twitpics. I'm back Twitter, with a vengeance!

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