Run, Baby, Run

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today I started running again. And it was ROUGH.

The past few months my running routine has faltered due to moving, packing, unpacking and just my excuses. So it's time to put aside the excuses and start the running again and getting back into shape.

To try to help my goals, I went in search of those cool apps that track your miles. But alas on my handy dandy Blackberry, no such luck. Therefore, my running routine has to be by minutes I guess. 

Todays time : 15 mins
How I felt: My lungs were on fire. Seriously. 

I'm still not sure if I should jump back in full force ie: every day right away orrrr slowly ie: every other day. The way my lungs responded today I am thinking the best way to go is with every other day. Or maybe a two day then rest situation. I will keep you updated. 

My theory is if I write about what I'm doing/not doing, it will make me more aware of how much of a bum I am being and it's time to run. 

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