Haaave you met Baby Brianne :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

So I'm going to do two things. One, ignore the fact the last post was so long ago. And two, ignore the fact the last post was about me getting into running again....

Moving right along.

I would like to introduce you to Baby Brianne.
It all started when we ventured to the house in Harmony to do a final cleaning of our belongings in anticipation for the closing. I noticed the large canvas of baby Brianne sitting next to the front door. I then thought it was necessary for baby Brianne to be looking out the window and got a kick out of it. 

Well, then the rest was history. Brian took a picture with it then I picked it up then I ran with it. Literally.

Commence baby Brianne's adventures around 3 Richline Road and perhaps beyond.....

Here's where it started to rain so we had to improvise.
Disclaimer: The actual 27 year old Brianne featured in this picture was not present for any of these pictures nor knew what mischief we were up to :)

(Did you get the How I met Your Mother reference? Anyone?)

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