Whoa, a month?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Has it really been a month?

Sadly, yes. And it was brought to my attention by my friendly stalker, my boyfriend (love youu). He so aptly told me one ," You haven't written in your blog in awhile :(" Indeed, it was true.

Now I sit here and reflect back on a month of my life and it seems that there was a lot happening and transpiring. Still living on the mountain. Which if you are keeping track I had planned to be all cozy and adjusted to my NEW surroundings by now. Oh well.

One of my close friends became a Mrs. in the past month, October 15. Such a weird concept but so nice and grown up. I guess it really is true, we are all growing up. But I can still be in denial about it. 

The holidays are quickly approaching and it is becoming MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR!! No, for real, I love Christmas. Everyone who knows me, knows this about me. I play Christmas music in the middle of summer. I really wish there could be such a thing as Christmas in July.

There was a very touching story that I want to share with everyone but I will save that for the next few days. (I will be back this time I promise!)

And now that I have rambled and given a bunch of random information, I must say one last thing. My kitten Lily turned 1 yesterday! She is now a cat and ever more the brat. But I still love her. ***Not sure if November 15 is her real birth date but I have declared it to be. Until the very short next time:)

'Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day -William Shakespeare'

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