Marriage Fading Away?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I was talking to a coworker one day and the subject stumbled upon our lifestyle and parents. I remarked about my parents being divorced. He then replied with a chuckle and a "Who's aren't?"

Sad to say, but that phrase seems to be very true today. Coming off many recent divorces in Hollywood and just around everyone, it isn't hard to see that the meaning of marriage is changing. 

-One in three American children are living with a parent who is divorced, separated or never-married. 

-U.S. census data released in September that showed marriages hit an all-time low of 52 percent for adults 18 and over.

-About 29 percent of children under 18 now live with a parent or parents who are unwed or no longer married, a fivefold increase from 1960.

FIVEFOLD INCREASE. To me, that is very disheartening to read. Never being married some people might get offended when I give my opinions on it but I will anyway. Because I know what I believe marriage to be and what I want my marriage to be.

People take vows everyday. Through sickness and health, till death do us part. But the vows seemed to have changed to till I get tired of you and cheat or I just get tired of this marriage all together. That is what it comes down to. Laziness. People don't want to spend the time on their marriage. They don't want to communicate to make it work. It is much easier to sign a divorce paper and be done with it.

I am not saying there are people that truly try to fight for their marriage because I know there are the very few but the marriages that are only last a handful of years are just plain sad. Why even get married if you aren't serious about it? It's not dating. It's a forever kind of thing. If you aren't ready for that, don't do it. 

Which brings the changing definition of family. Because so many people aren't willing to make that forever kind of commitment, more parents are opting out of marriage. There brings yet another problem. No marriage, no vows make it much easier to walk away from that significant other even if kids are involved. 

Coming from divorced parents might make me have a skewed view on marriage or it might even make me wiser. I just know when that day comes for me to say those vows, I will mean them. Marriage for me is a forever kind of thing. Life does get messy and get in the way but not enough for the huge fivefold increase.

To the sanctity of marriage!

'Marriage might not be a job, but it is work' (Thanks Sex and the City!)

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