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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today, October 5, 2010, is a very special day. Not only is it the most common day for a birthday (yea it's been studied) BUT it is also the day Beauty and the Beast is released on DVD and Blu-Ray!!!

Now we need to back up to understand my full obsession with this movie and more specifically, Belle. I was given this movie as a Christmas present and it was love at first watch. I got to name a new dog and I chose Beauty. Belle was my favorite princess and I wanted to be her. She was brunette and read books. And plus had a great moral.

Unfortunately, toys weren't as extensive back then as they were today but when there was Belle available I got it. And it never stopped. My mom always got my little trinkets with Belle. Puzzles, hair accessories you name it, I have or had it. Disney World was a bust though. Never did get my picture with Belle *sigh* But I will never give up!

Everyone close to me is well aware of my slight obsession with Belle. Sorority nickname was LittleBelle. Character on my family tree? Yup, Belle. Recent Christmas present from my friend, Lenox Belle. It is true you are always young in your heart. I will always be young and girly with my Belle and princesses.

2012 I will probably be first in line when Disney World opens the new addition to Fantasyland, the Beauty nad the Beast castle!!! And even a restaurant. Um, yea. In case you need to know all about it like me, click here.

Ok enough babble. Time to buy Beauty and the Beast. Bye!!

-Tale as old as time, True as it can be, Barely even friends, Then someone bends, unexpectedly. Just a little change, small to say the least, neither one prepared, Beauty and the Beast.-

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