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Monday, October 4, 2010

If you are one of the many people that have increased their shopping at Dollar Stores in the pas few years then this article is of interest to you. javascript:mox();

It tells you what exactly to buy and if it really is a steal or a way to get you to spend more. I am of the masses that has switched to the Dollar Store for some weekly purchases. I must say I have been quite happy with what I get and the amount I spend.

The bologna I would buy at the supermarket would probably be about $1.89 but I get it for a dollar, same brand. Same goes for hot dogs and butter. And the expiration dates are reasonable. The simple snacks such as popcorn and small candies are also useful for me.

Some things I don't buy there unless absolutely necessary: napkins- they don't really have much value and I end up going through them quicker than with a name brand so it just evens out in price, eggs-sorry but just the idea of that doesn't sit right with me and any kind of medicine.

This article does have some good tips to remind you, they are a retailer so they still want to stupe us, the consumer. But I will still be loyal to my Dollar Store. 

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