What's in a {Blog} Name?

Monday, March 7, 2016

This space has had two names. Two names that described where I was with this blog and where it was going.

Life Somewhere in the Middle.

This will always hold a soft spot. It was long but it was my first blog name and where everything started. I am also proud of my homemade blog logo. Pat myself on the back for that one.

Classy & Sassy Mrs.

This was the name I chose a little over a two years ago. I was a newlywed-ish. I was starting a different part of my life and wanted to document it on this blog. It had fit.

For a little while. As you can see, I do not write about marriage all the time, it's more of a lifestyle blog. The Mrs. part of the title implies that. I am not a housewife. The dishwasher is not my friend and some nights I struggle to make dinner.

It's telling me that maybe the name is the problem. I need a name that describes this blog. It's a bit of all over theplace  sometimes. I want to write about marriage. I want to write about our lives. I want to write about my life. I want to write about grief. I want to write sassy posts that show off my opinion slightly.Who  knows, maybe one day I'll throw in a beauty post when I know how to contour right.

Basically, there is a lot in a blog name. It's a nerve wracking thing. There are ideas I have floating around. But choosing that name is huge. It's the direction of this blog. It's where this blog is going. It's a name I really want to brand and run with this blog.

Through taking the course, Quit Your Job to Blog, I realize a lot has to do with just the title of my blog. It affects my social media. It affects my SEO on google. Did I just start to hyperventilate?

There is so much that goes into choosing the name that it might be a little while before I'm back here full time. I need a refresh on this space. It needs to feel like mine again. 

How did you choose your blog name? 


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