Life Update in Pictures

Thursday, March 24, 2016

I've made the decision in the past few moments to give updates on my life through pictures. Hopefully on a weekly basis but we will see. Because after all, iPhone pictures really document everything. 

Me and my main girl, Lily. We take a classy selfie from time to time. 

I love Almond milk. I love almonds. I thought I would love this almond yogurt. I was wrong. I tried really hard but there's just something odd about it. 
My Etsy shop has had quite the momentum the past few weeks and I am so excited by it. This has been a shop favorite! 

Twice a week I have the joy to go to physical therapy. This day, I dressed up like college Krista where my physical therapist for the day guessed my age as 22. Why thanks! 

A little family brunch in Princeton. PJs Pancake house. As delicious as it sounds. I opted for the gluten free French toast. It's a new thing with me and gluten I'll explain sometime. 

My second business or third? Not really sure. I'm not out of my comfort zone fully but I'm getting there. I love our wraps and greens and eye cream. Seriously I wouldn't be able to sell stuff that didn't work. I don't lie well. It's a known fact. 

Now that I've caught you all up, I'll probably see you again in a week. Oh, and j am still blog name searching. Or wishing at this point. 

Any tips? 

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