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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I can't guarantee what's about to be written. The white space has become a little overwhelming for me lately.

Once I stepped back a little from the blog I thought I could jump back in, refreshed. That wasn't the case. It was more overwhelming for me to address the space that had become silent.

After a week, there was another week. I made an attempt at letting out my feelings last week, but never bothered to show back up the next few days. I'm losing inspiration. Or I'm just flourishing in other areas that this part of my life isn't what it used to be.

I joke that my new job actually makes me use my brain, but it's the truth. I'm using skills I haven't had to use since college. I'm learning so many new things in my new role that my brain is on overload. That leaves few less words ready to come out. And more glasses of wine, vegging on the couch after work.

Then there is my two businesses I am trying to make a success. My Etsy shop is slowly but surely taking off. I find I really enjoy making my framed ring holders and love that they are going to a new bride or a newly engaged woman. And my It Works business is something I am trying to really get the hang of. It requires a lot of my time and planning that I sometimes feel like I am falling behind on.

I told you I couldn't count on what was about to be written. I also can't guarantee what's happening with this space. Will it stick around? Maybe. Will it slowly fade out? Maybe.

Did you ever step back from your blog for a little bit to come back full fledged?


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