Getting my Life in Order

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Oh hey. Look at me showing up here to write something. It's been a bit since I've sat here and just wrote.

Truth is I'm getting my life together. Meaning I have a lot going on right now and I am trying to organize everything.

Starting a new job is exciting but nerve wracking. It can do a real number on anxiety. I have my new wardrobe. I have hope for my new role and future for the company. But there's that awkward first few weeks I still have to get over.

This blog. I have thought for some time about changing my brand. Even last year I was leaning towards new name but decided a new look. But I now see a new direction coming by March. This means a little flux for the next month or so why I switch and get situated. Fingers crossed it will be my forever home for my blog. 

My Health. It's kind of wonky and I am not sure why. Turns out at 29 I have thyroid issues. Before babies. There is a nice lump hanging out on my neck that has been biopsied and wasn't supposed to grow but it has. That means more tests, figuring out why it is. 

I've got a severe case of TMJ. At least severe to me. My jaw barely moves open and chewing on my right side is not a fun task. I went on ibuprofen for 3 days, pain gone I felt fantastic. Not off of for even 34 hours and it came back with a force. Said anxiety does not help the situation. I probably have anxiety filled dreams and clench my rethink. Not surprised. 

This is all swirling in my head right now. All of this. I just want to wake up in no pain. Have no anxiety. It makes me love home and my bed a little too much. Too much where I would rather be at home than go pretty much anywhere. And yoga pretty much bores. Sorry, but I;ve tried and I just can't get on bored. I much more about the running and Zumba. 

So. As you can see, lots going on. But on a positive note, I started reading, "I Am" by Joel Osteen and I am loving it. See what I did there? It's all about bringing the positive into your life by what you speak out loud. 

I am going to get rid of this TMJ and be my thyroid will be fine. 

This new job will challenge me and help me grow and I will excel at it. 

I am going to succeed in my It Works business. I am diamond. 

This blog will have life brought back into it when I go through all the changes. It will be my outlet to write once again. 

That is what I'm prophesying. Hang tight everyone! 

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