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Friday, July 20, 2012

Well hello. I am back for another Friday's letters. I have noticed that is the only posts I've been doing for a couple weeks. Must mean they are pretty awesome :)

I am seriously hoping to get back into blogging full time within the next week. I most certainly miss it and want to share all the fun, crazy things happening!

Dear apartment- You actually aren't as tiny as I thought. I hardly notice yet that when sitting on the couch I can see every room in the joint.

Dearest fiance- We are meshing very well. I am definitely proud of us. More of me because let's be serious, I was always prepared to be the difficult one.

Dear very close shopping centers- You will surely be draining my bank account more than usual. SO not fair. Yet, so convenient.

Dear crock pot- Thanks for allowing me to cook a dinner while I can unpack and fix this disarray that is going on. I do not want to live with boxes for much longer.

Dear weekend- Much needed. I will be doing bridal shower finalizing, box unpacking and grocery shopping. Food shopping for two is no joke and requires serious preparation.

I WILL  be back very soon. I miss it!

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