Think about this.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Here's something I'm thinking about today and came across this picture and knew it was destined for me to rant get ready.

Today or one day, you have probably complained about your day or some sort of event in your life. 

I know I have and I will probably still will. But when I complain and say these things, on another level I know it's not the end of the world. I know that many people have it worse than me. 

That's what makes me thankful and grateful for everything wonderful I do have in my life. It might not be the best or what I have planned but all in all it's not too shabby. I have a nice little abode to call home. I have a closet full of clothes that I don't even know how to organize (my fiance can attest to this ;)

I am well educated and intelligent...even if I do hate those monthly student loan bills in the mail. And I know one day I will use all those smarts. Let's just hope it's sooner rather than later shall we. I have the greatest friends, family and love of my life that a gal could ever for. 

Yes, I do miss my mom everyday and still have 'this isn't fair' moments. But she wouldn't want me to hate the world or blame it on the world. She would want me to still look around and appreciate all I do have in my life. She would want me to know that if I don't like something, don't complain about it, change it. And as always, I will always be grateful for the 22 years I did get to have with her and the awesome relationship we did have. Many girls don't even get those great 22 years.

So just stop and think when you have the 'why me' moments and you think you have it the worst in all the land. Because you don't and there are beauties in your everyday life. 

That's my peace for the day :)


  1. Great reminder. One I need to think about more often! :)

    1. Thanks so much for reading my blog i absolutely love yours! I was going through a remodel so make sure to come back :)


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