Sunday, March 28, 2010

What got me through 4 years of college filled with sorority activities, jobs, an internship and many, many homework assignments and projects?

That's right. A handy dandy planner. Without a planner I can honestly say I'm not sure I would have gotten half my work done or been at numerous activities. But upon graduation it seemed I had hardly anywhere to be or anything to do. Well with no full time job and all. And when I got a part time job it still didn't call for the work of a planner.

However, since I have started my freelance and my social schedule seems to be picking up I found myself standing in the planner aisle. It was one of those "ahhhh" moments. Serene and at peace. As if the world was back in its place.

It took me about a half hour just to figure out which planner would suit my needs for the rest of the year. Did I want the simple day by day one? Or the day planner that has hours all lined out? Then there were the more expensive binder planners that would allow me to just refill paper.

As tempting as it was I decided on the simple day planner with hours. I figure maybe next year I will make the jump to the heavy duty planner.

Having activities and deadlines to put in my planner and in my life just makes me feel like I finally have a purpose. My life is focused on something and there are tasks to be done and someone is counting on me again. I realized that no part time job could ever do this for me. I am finally doing something I went to school for and what I know.

That planner that sits on my desk signifies I'm on my way somewhere. It might start out a few hours here and there are occupied. But I hope it makes its way to having every hour planned out because if I don't I might not know which way to turn. That's what I love. That's what I crave.

So thank you planner for bringing me back. You are so much more than a planner.

-One pointed focus turns dreams into reality-

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