Friday, March 19, 2010

So I guess too much a detox. It's been awhile and I do apologize.

Update on my social media detox.

I would say it went pretty well. I learned to turn off the computer when I wasn't on which was something different. Usually I would leave it on and constantly come back in the room and check my Facebook homepage. Turning it off was a huge difference. I do my usual check in the morning and then at night. I do still have Twitter and Facebook on my phone but I feel that has helped me. 

Most people log on to see who said what on their wall or worried they might miss a picture comment. Getting that stuff instantly to my phone actually makes me want to check it less. Same with Twitter. I know if anyone is responding to my Tweets and I feel better. 

I have gotten back into my reading more and being all crafty. I do more cross stitch (I know, can you tell I'm from the country?) and overall I feel lifted so to speak. There isn't something drawing me to the computer 24/7. I'm more at ease.

I recommend this to everyone. If anything, to get perspective of how much time you really do spend on all these social media sites. Some people don't even realize how much of their time is spent checking all the comments, Tweets, requests. It allows you more time to collect yourself and your thoughts. And like me you can get back into other hobbies that you might have pushed away because Facebook was calling your name. 

So step away from the computer and enjoy your day!

-Each day is a fresh start! You aren't defined by the past and can create any future you want! Start NOW!-

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