Weekend of Love

Monday, February 16, 2015

There was a weekend. And it included Valentine's Day. As I had mentioned a time or two, we are on a "No Spend February" or February Freeze. We had no plans for anything extravagant or costly. But it seems my husband might want to spoil me a little too much ;)

He said he had to send me flowers to my first job with an office. So sweet. Plus, he made all my co-workers just a little bit jealous.
Was treated to this DELICIOUS Buffalo Chicken Sub. A million calories but oh so good. Friday night we stayed in, watched TV, nothing to out of the ordinary for a Friday night lately.

Saturday morning I had plans to wake up and run to Dunkin for a Valentine's Day surprise. Since Brian always sleeps in and I'm the first one up, it seemed easy to do. But it seems he beat me awake and made this cheese omelet in bed. Heart ketchup included.

Next up was a stop to the Dollar Store. The challenge was to pick one gift for each other. Since it was only a dollar, we had to be creative. I chose an Avengers shield for Brian and he chose socks for me. Perfect since I love decorated socks. And he kind of broke the rules and bought 2 other gifts. I think he might be tired of me asking him where my hair ties are all the time.

Our sweet little Valentine also got a gift from the Dollar Store. And I am officially in love with this picture of us.

Oh, and we did grab some frozen yogurt. We had a gift card left over from Christmas that we used. Didn't break the No Spend rule there!

SUSHI MAKING FOR DINNER! We had tried this almost a year ago and I knew it was a good idea for a night spent at home. Once you have done this once, it gets a little easier. We only do California Rolls though so far. Helps with the cost of it too.

Sunday was a lazy day. Usual laundry, napping, dishes, running. And preparing for the unhealthy cold this about to come in. I vote unsafe for work tomorrow, right?

How was your Valentine's Day weekend?


  1. The dollar store is such a fun idea. The picture of him with the shield is hilarious!

  2. How cute! We did no gifts this year too, although Jake sent me flowers. :) We went out to dinner, but it was so nice to not have to worry about how much we spent, since we didn't do expensive gifts. Love the dollar store idea. That's too fun! :)

  3. What an awesome Valentine's Day!! I love the sushi idea and that ketchup heart is perfection :) We also have the same cork M I think :)

  4. I scoured that store for a good half hour figuring out if I went with food or superhero. I think I chose correctly.

  5. It was great knowing we weren't going to spend a lot of money this year. Even if he did get me surprise flowers! We still love going out to dinner and might have missed it a tad bit. Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

  6. I clearly need to fill up my M more. I am slacking with the wine drinking if that's even possible!

  7. We love making it. Still have to perfect our skills just a little bit but it's a fun dinner idea!


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