Time Well Spent

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

 As I have mentioned, my time spent writing on this blog has been few and far between. No reason other than, I'm not really sure why. If that makes no sense at all.

With my time away from here, I have been keeping busy and not so busy. Busy enough to feel a bit frazzled some days and not that busy where I can relax on a Saturday.

I'm sure you are quite curious what I have been up to while I have been away. If not, I am still going to tell you all about it.

Spring Cleaning.

Our bedroom never really got decorated after we moved in. It was kind of left to the wayside while I focused on the dining room, living room, etc. You know, the stuff people see all the time that come over. I really want to make our bedroom more cozy, more liveable if that makes sense. It involves donating clothes that I no longer wear. Adding a nice reading corner. Acquiring actual curtains instead of an old rolling shade. And maybe then I will tackle the actual spring cleaning in the rest of the house.

21 Day Fix.

Once day I had this crazy idea to start the 21 Day Fix. So naturally, I waited 2 weeks before I ordered it. I am currently on Day 8 and seeing a little bit of results. There are workouts we do every morning at 5:30. Ick. And I follow the meal plan according to my containers. I get 3 greens (veggies), 2 purples(fruits), 4 reds(protein), 2 yellow(carbs), 1 blue(healthy fats), 1 orange(dressing). My diet has always been the hardest thing to keep under control because 1. I love carbs and 2. I am not a huge fan of vegetables. This hasn't been the easiest to get used to but I am hoping in 21 days I can change my habits.

Spending time with my husband.

Like a lot of time. We are together morning and night. He drops me off to work, he picks me up from work. There may be a few morning fights over the radio and seat heater.  Which is why we choose to enjoy our weekends out if we can. Get away from our routine. On a date, with friends, Charades, Heads Up, breweries, lots of fun things going on around here.

Playing with my kitty.

Because why not? Crazy cat lady and proud. I should make a shirt.

Sticking to a budget.

Well, of sorts. We have developed a schedule of when to pay bills, student loans, grocery shop, etc. It was becoming like everything was due at once so we have divided everything up into our 4 paychecks every month. It seemed to work well last month and are continuing this month. We are also putting a good chunk into our savings which is a win win.

Enjoying the moments.

Babies arriving this year. Weddings happening this year. Life is moving along quite nicely. Before we know it, the year will be half over. Then comes the time where I countdown to the unavoidable 30th birthday.

That's where my time has been spent folks. It's passing by and I know I will figure out just where to fit this whole sharing, writing thing back in. When have you stepped back to adjust your time and enjoy the moments?

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  1. I hope you've enjoyed your time away. Whenever I take time away I'm always off with my husband, date nights and new adventures help create great posts later on.

  2. Glad you had that time together. :)

  3. My friend is on the 21 day fix, but I don't think i could stick to it! Good luck!!

  4. i've thought about taking a few weeks off to try and get things a little more organized, but i'm always scared to do it. i worry i wouldn't actually get things as organized as i think i would so i haven't done it.

  5. I've been trying to cut down on extra curricular internet time so that I can use the screen time I do have for blogging! It's really helped my productivity skyrocket!

  6. Ugh. I could NEVER do 21 day fix. I give you so much credit! Also, life at 30 (and after) isn't so bad. I actually like it better than my 20s!

  7. Sounds like a bunch of great reasons to take a break from blogging, to me! I've been deciding to get up earlier lately, too...maybe I should do a workout in the mornings. And 30? 30+ is way better than the 20's if you ask me---be excited!


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