Sunday, September 18, 2016

Welcome to the New and Improved!

Welcome to "The Moy Life." 

After much thinking, I realized I wanted to bring this blog back to life. It's clearly an exciting time for me right now {maybe you already heard...} and I wanted to document it all here. 

I had those thoughts a few months ago.. Then we are here. I finally finished the design enough to get going. I feel like this name is more of a fit. I write about my life, our life, and anything that might come to mind. Bare with me as I get the domain fixed, my socials caught up, and the pages all fixed. 

It's a refresh. It's a breath of fresh air. I'll be doing loads of updates in the next few days for anyone that's still out there. And even if no one reads, it's ok :) 

Happy Sunday! 
Thursday, August 25, 2016

Back in Action!

So. The elephant in the room. To maybe a handful of you that might actually be reading this and care...

I kind of disappeared for almost 5 months. Wow. 5 months.

It was time. I was ready for a break. I just didn't know it would be a total break. And sitting down here again feels new, fresh. Which is exactly what I needed from the break I took.

I became too wrapped up in "Blogging to Get Paid" or "Quitting my Job to Blog."
Still very real dreams of mine but they overshadowed the authenticity of this blog so much I was losing my way. It was a chore to sit and write.

Was I saying the right things? Would people read this? How many followers did I gain from it?
It was exhausting. I was exhausted.

All I wanted from this blog in the beginning was to write. About me. About my life. About my feelings. Connect with people. Influence people. I want to go back there.

So welcome to this new space and bare with me as I do some tinkering and dust off the blogging cobwebs! 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Weekend Things

The one thing I always loved about this space was the memories. I can write feelings in the moment. I can write about what's happening, even the little things. I always loved my weekend recaps that I could look back on. 

Friday night.

Take out and lazy bums on the couch. Indulged in a glass of wine which is rare these days. It was a long week of my husband being gone and let's be serious, most Fridays we stay nice and cozy now. Nothing out of the norm.


Dolled ourselves up a little to enjoy some all you can eat sushi with friends.

I love me some California and Spicy Tuna rolls. I know, getting crazy with my sushi. Also, Vegetable Udon. Yum. We hung out with friends we hardly get to see and enjoyed a few drinks.

Beehive bun day. 

Also the laziest day of the weekend. I gues how it's supposed to be. Did some grocery shopping. Grabbed a caramel machiatto, our grocery shopping favorite. I did my fair share of binge watching Parenthood. I know how the series ends but I still am not sure I am prepared for it. I pretty much cried through my Sunday at this show.

And that's the end of the weekend. Very sad. 

How was your weekend? 

Friday, March 25, 2016

It's a Good Friday

I am not sure what made me come to this space today when I have become noticeably absent. But today, I feel like I need to talk about today. What it is. What it means to me. Good Friday.

I have talked a few times about exploring my faith for some time. The past 6 months have been challenging months. Also, the reason for my absence. I watched my grandmother lose her battle with cancer. I had my own  scare with that word. Battling some sort of disease/illness that doctor's just aren't sure about, developed TMJ thanks to anxiety/stress that was at an all time high and started a new job. Needless to say, I was looking for something more, I reached out to God.

Now before you go any further, I am new to scripture. There might be some bejumbled wording as I start to gain my footing in this new area. My interpretations might be off or something you aren't used to seeing. I am just using Bible Studies provided by SheReads Truth. I know I have to get my butt to church. It's not stopping me from starting my relationship over with God.

I have loved the past 40 days of Lent. getting to really dive into this humbling time. It's especially amazing being able to read scripture during Holy Week. And now today, He sacrifices himself for our sins.

How incredible is that Jesus knew what his purpose was? He knew he was supposed to die for our sins. He gave the ultimate sacrifice. All the sins I have belong on that cross. That's why He made the ultimate sacrifice. The cross has made me flawless.

One of my favorite songs right now describes this perfectly.